Welcome to The Mortuary

The Mortuary logo and podcast art was designed by Broc. 

The Mortuary podcast was formed out of the passion and undying curiosity for the unknown. We seek to explore, expose, embrace, and experience all the things that go bump in the night. The Mortuary strives to provide our listeners with suspenseful and terrifying stories of the occult, paranormal, and conspiracies of the world.

But to dive a little deeper, you should know a little more about the two mad scientists dwelling in the depths of The Mortuary. That is, of course, your spooktacular hosts, Broc (myself) and Tanner. This is our second go at a low (and by "low" I mean, "non-existent") budget, DIY podcast. Our first endeavor was Broc & Tanner's Excellent Reviews which had a whomping TWO EPISODES. But in all seriousness, the BTER Podcast was a great first date for both of us to fall in love with being podcast hosts and producing our own show. The biggest downfall of BTER was that we were just kind of rambling about anything and everything in order to have a podcast. We had no target audience and no real idea of what we wanted the show to be or where we wanted it to go in the future. 

After a couple months of critical self-analysis and moderate research, we decided that we were going to narrow our focus to a specific niche and audience while still producing a show we are passionate about. Thus, The Mortuary was born! (IT'S ALIIIVE!!!)

We are so excited for this show and we have big plans for its success.

More announcements to come in the future, so stay updated on the horrors that are occurring inside The Mortuary by signing up for our newsletter/exclusives via our website, "like" us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram and Soundcloud! (Coming to iTunes and other major podcasting apps soon!)


Chase the dark.
-Broc & Tanner