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The Björk Stalker NOW STREAMING!

In this episode, Tanner takes us through the dark descent into Ricardo Lopez’s obsession with and attempted murder of the Icelandic singer-songwriter, Björk, ultimately ending with his climatic suicide. Ricardo Lopez documented the last nine months of his life with a camcorder in his apartment; leaving behind a large collection of video diaries that provide us with an intimate look into his descent into insanity. Join us for another terrifying episode of The Mortuary!

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Patreon Exclusive! The Fritzl Case

In this listener suggested episode, Tanner takes us through the repulsive, heartbreaking Fritzl case. In April of 2008, a woman named Elisabeth Fritzl told police in the town of Amstetten, Austria, that she had been held captive for 24 years by her father, Josef Fritzl. Fritzl had assaulted, sexually abused, and raped her numerous times during her imprisonment inside a concealed…

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In this episode, Tanner takes us to 1959 Soviet Russia to investigate the mysterious Dyatlov Pass Incident that has remained a mystery for the past 60 years. The deaths of nine skiers/hikers in the northern Ural Mountains, in the former Soviet Union, has raised suspicions of a Russian Government cover-up, a cryptid or Yeti attack, UFOs or alien encounters, and even paranormal phenomenons.

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