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Patreon Exclusive! Mel's Mysterious Hole

In this episode, Tanner takes us to rural Washington to uncover the mysterious of hole that’s rumored to be bottomless, or at the very least, deeper than 80,000 feet into the earth. The story that was first discussed on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, has sparked countless excavations into the Washington countryside as well as FBI and US government (men in black) interest.

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The Franklin Cover Up Now Streaming!

We’re back with another horrifying episode of The Mortuary! In this episode, Broc takes us through the horrific account of the biggest pedophile scandal in the history of America. With extreme cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse, Fear-Based Mind Control (MK Ultra), and child sex parties among the American elite, the Franklin Cover Up shows the true colors of the American government and the lengths it will go to protect itself from being exposed.

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Patreon Exclusive! The Cult of Scientology

In this episode, Broc takes us through the origins of Scientology and the American Science Fiction author, L. Ron Hubbard, who would become one of the world’s most successful and wealthiest cult leaders. He would go on to build Scientology facilities all over the world and in some of the coolest cities to visit in the US. This real life American horror story is one that still has its fangs hooked into our society.

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