E23 Now Available! Skinwalker Ranch

New E23 Thumbnail The Mortuary.png

Thank you for tuning in for another terrifying experience with The Mortuary.

In this episode, Broc takes us to the to Utah countryside to the macabre landscape of Skinwalker Ranch. This 512-acre area is known for being a massive hotspot for aliens, UFO’s, top-secret military operations, paranormal entities and ancient native American evils that have inhabited the land for hundreds of years. What do you think lurks on the grounds of Skinwalker Ranch?

Do you have have a real life horror story or paranormal encounter? We’d love to hear from you. Comment below or give us a call and we’ll play it on an upcoming episode: (202) 838-7689

See you ghouls and gals in two weeks!
-Broc & Tanner