Patreon Exclusive! Epstein's Pedo Island - Pizzagate Pt. III


We’re back with another Patreon exclusive episode!

In this episode, Tanner exposes Jeffrey Epstein’s recent media coverage and his pedo island. From his connections to the political elite, international superstars and billionaires, Epstein plays a large role in Pizzagate. The known pedophile made his fortune through blackmailing and child sex trafficking and even had a ritualistic temple built on his private island at one point. The temple could only be locked from the outside, sealing whatever secrets (or whoever) Epstein wanted to keep hidden. What dark rituals are Epstein, celebrities, presidents, and other influencers doing behind closed doors? Will the recent news coverage blow this entire operation wide open? Join us as we enter The Mortuary for this Patreon exclusive episode.

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-Broc & Tanner