Patreon Exclusive! Pazuzu Algarad

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We’re back with another Patreon exclusive episode!

In this episode, Broc takes us through the life and ritualistic murders of John Lawson, AKA Pazuzu Algarad. The self-proclaimed “Islamic Satanist” of North Carolina was known for his Luciferian lifestyle consisting of animal sacrifice, cannibalism, Crowley inspired “black magic” sex orgies, perpetual violence, hard drugs, and repulsive body odor. In October 2014, law enforcement discovered the bodies of two men, Joshua Wetzler, and Tommy Dean Welch,  buried in shallow graves behind the home of Pazuzu. Why did Pazuzu and his female followers murder these two men and why did it take five years for police to search his home? Join us as we enter The Mortuary for this Patreon exclusive episode.

Check out the police body cam footage of Pazuzu’s Satanic shit hole.

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-Broc & Tanner