Hunt A Killer! The Perfect Game Night

True Crime and Serial Killer enthusiasts rejoice!

We’ve made some new friends over at and we’d like to introduce you to them. We know that if you’re a listener of The Mortuary, then you are already in love with the macabre and are most likely a true crime aficionado of sorts. That’s why you need to know about this one of kind subscription box and the community around it.

Hunt A Killer is a murder mystery subscription box where a detective enlists your help in solving a murder. This detective sends you a box with letters, documents, clues, and evidence every month. With each box, you’ll be able to eliminate a suspect and get one step closer to cracking the case. You’re a part of this fictional world and we’re relying on your detective skills to piece together this story and catch the killer!

Commonly compared to a True Crime themed escape room mixed with a TV show, this true crime inspired murder-mystery box is delivered to you every month and here’s what you can expect:

■ Each 6 box period is referred to as a “Season”, each box is an “Episode” (6 boxes/months = 1 season)

■ Players can eliminate a suspect with every box

■ Each box is full of clues, documents, evidence that will develop the story

■ There is an active online community (over 55,000 members) to help each other out

Hunt a Killer has really upped the subscription box game too. High-quality, hand-crafted clues get you lost in the fictional world and make you feel like you're solving a real murder. Hand-crafted police records, town maps, photographs, and much more allows you to become completely immersed in the experience.

Their goal is to keep it as accessible as possible to as many people as possible to spread the joy and fun. That's why subscriptions start at just $25 per month.‍ And you can cancel any time. But fair warning: It's addicting! Once you start, you too will eagerly wait for your box each and every month to keep the tale alive.

What’s even more impressive is that Hunt A Killer scores a 9.2/10 on TrustPilot with well over 1,400 reviews!


As if all of this wasn’t enough reason to join the hunt, for every episode of Hunt A Killer that’s delivered, they will help fund the cold case efforts at the Cold Case Foundation.

If you don’t know about them, the Cold Case Foundation is dedicated to stopping the deadly compounding effect of cold cases and providing hope and resources to families affected by violent crime. The Cold Case Foundation is devoted to raising public awareness and creating partnerships to assist and provide law enforcement whatever resources are needed to bring about closure.  

You don’t want to miss this exclusive opportunity.

They only approve 200 memberships a day so don’t wait too long!

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After you’ve signed up, be sure to let us know so we can dive into the case together!

Stay Spooky!
-Broc & Tanner