Haunted Farm Paranormal Investigation

fort hays paranormal haunted farm

Happy New Year!

This is our second paranormal investigation. Broc is in Hays, Kansas on his mom's farm. Since mom and the family moved here several years ago, they have experienced numerous unexplainable events like toddler's laughing and crying in and outside the home, music playing loudly in the middle of the night and other strange noises. Sarah, Broc's wife, is our camera women and feels a strange presence behind her multiple times throughout the investigation.

The farm is established where an old school house used to be a couple hundred years ago and it near some of the battlefields early settlers fought Native Americans on (close to Fort Hays). In the second part of this video, we believe to have drank with either a soldier or previous owner of the farm.

We used a P-SB7 Spirit Box and a K-II EMF Meter. We did our best to understand the spirit box dialogue so please let us know if you hear something different or something we did not catch!

A major THANK YOU to Broc's mom and step-dad for allowing the paranormal investigation to take place on their property and for being such big supporters of our show.

Let us know what your thoughts on this investigation are in the comments below!

Stay spooky!
-Broc & Tanner