Fort Phantom Hill Paranormal Investigation

Lake Fort Phantom Hill Abilene Texas Paranormal Investigation The Mortuary podcast

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone!

This is The Mortuary podcast's first ever paranormal investigation. We are at Fort Phantom Hill (Lake Fort Phantom) just outside Abilene, Texas. According to the TSHA, "Fort Phantom Hill was one of the second line of forts laid out in the early 1850s to protect the westward-moving frontier of Texas settlement." The first ghost sighting occurred just a year later in 1851 when a soldier shot at the apparition of a native american. 

We use a spirit box app and Necrophonic (created by WeldonParanormal). Let us know if you hear or see something we didn't! 

A major THANK YOU to the staff, Mr. Sanchez and President at Lake Fort Phantom/Fort Phantom Hill for being so professional, polite, and allowing us to come out after hours. 

The Mortuary theme song and spookies were created for us by our good and talented friend Fantom '87. Check out his channel here.

Additional spooky music provided by Purple Planet.

Let us know what your thoughts on this investigation are in the comments below!

Stay spooky!
-Broc & Tanner