RAVENOUS - Netflix Movie Review


This past weekend, I had the opportunity to watch a Netflix original called Ravenous, a French-Canadian zombie movie that has gone somewhat under the radar but is starting to gain some traction.

The film picks up in the middle of an apocalypse in which the viewer can assume has been going on for several weeks (no explanation of how or why is given, however it is not needed) and follows a band of survivors who come together after a series of events. The zombies seem to be closer to the "infected" type, as opposed to walking dead, and can spread their rabid disease through biting, because of an insatiable desire to eat human flesh.

While Ravenous may seem like your average zombie movie in the traditional set up of its premise, it is anything but. This film is about so much more than survival tactics or gore or mowing down hordes of zombies with machines guns; it's about humanity and our ability to form relationships in what seems like a hopeless, pointless reality. It's mysterious, it's mystic, and says quite a bit human adaptation. Ravenous is a beautiful film, shot on a lower budget (which hardly shows) and employs all kinds of practical effects, which are becoming less and less common in cinema these days. On top of all of that, it has some of the scariest, most intense horror I've seen all year. In the end, it's a very bleak story. There's no doubt about that. But it's the wonder of a film like this that makes you hopeful for a brighter world. It definitely makes one think. You will not regret watching Ravenous, as I actually can't wait to give it a second viewing.


4 out 5 skulls. 

4 Skulls_Artboard 3.png
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- Tanner